TXST Parking App Poll

If you were told about the poll, but haven’t tried the app, please go here ->Click here to load the web version of the app

What is the general functionality of the app? (pages, buttons, give us a walk-through)

The app is a concept for an add on to an existing app, the Texas State University app. The TXST University app already has a Google maps feature that highlights by type, most of the different parking zones on and around TXST University. This prototype shows what it would look like if a student that has a purple commuter parking pass or a staff member with a red restricted pass were to check in, in their respective lots. It also shows that a student or staff member could see how many people have checked into a lot, giving them a good idea on just how full the lot may actually be. The user is allowed to view the two demos and is also given contact information and advice on how to make this a reality.

What problem does your app solve?

Parking is very limited on and around campus. This concept allows students to plan better both before they leave and as they come near campus, so that they can get the best available parking and get to class on time. With updates showing if there have been people that have checked out This also solves the problem of the university having to count the number of spots filled at given times, and lets the university schedule classes around these peak times.

Why is it useful?

For someone who is handicapped, it may be the difference in how far they will still have to travel after finding a parking spot.

What native functions of the device does your app utilize? (camera, sound, GPS, accelerometer, etc).

The app will utilize a login of the student using their netID and GPS for location.

Are there any other apps out there like yours?

There are apps that help people find parking spots and warn others if you are leaving and a parking spot is becoming available. There are also apps that can inform a person if a paid parking garage is full. But TXST does not have an app that utliizes any of those functions.

What sets yours apart?

The function itself and it being tailored to the TXST University App, Map and Parking Garage filter.



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