The Day Isn’t Over and the RNC is Already in Meltdown Mode

White people at a typical rock concert in Cleveland

republican national convention logo 2016
Yeah, white people acting like they were at a rock concert alright.

Perhaps you’ve heard the news, perhaps you haven’t. It may be best explained with a timeline. So, I’ll give that a shot first.

12:00 pm – The convention starts and people are flowing in

Sometime after noon: The Names of people that nobody really gives two damns about scrolls past the screen for what seems like an eternity

Sometime after that: People start talking on the stage

3:15 A chairman for a state that yet nobody is even concerned about, yell that they want a vote on changing the rules.

3:16 The GOP rules of voting are used and the vote is decided with a nay to changing the rules.

3:17 The floor erupts with chaos as half of the floor is not satisfied with the people they have become

3:35 It is explained that the requirements to change the rules were not met when the time had actually come to change the rules (weeks before the convention).

3:36 RNC leadership tries to explain what the party is about. In reality he is stating the Trump campaign which are one in the same.

3:37 Iowa and Colorado walkout in protest. Nobody bats an eye and life goes on without them.

3:40 Photo to be taken. Most people will probably not appear in the print as you cannot photograph a vampire.

4:00 See the above image as people call out to see Trump.

Sometime later – RNC convention goes into recess

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