Playco? More like PlayNo.

Or was it LameCo?

In the past year, I grew an attraction towards a couple of animated shows. One of them being Regular Show. The show delivers what I feel would be,  Beavis and Butthead  mixed with King of the Hill, and The Simpsons. The show is brilliantly written and the humor can be enjoyed by kids and adults on multiple levels.  One of the episodes finds the main characters mocking their favorite buddy cop series for selling out on a toy figurine promotion that looks terribly done.

Then this happens.

Mordecai: (holding up toy Carter in front of the T.V.) This piece of junk costs fourteen dollars?! (Cuts to Mordecai and Rigby kneeling on the floor with the Carter and Briggs toys in the living room of the house) It looks horrible!

Rigby: No kidding. (cuts to him putting the toy near his face and mimicking the error with his eye) Mine’s eyeball looks like it’s leaking into his face!

It’s bad.  It leads to a mockery of the company name,

Rigby: Yeah, these are pretty much garbage. PlayCo, more like PlayNo.

mordecai figure broken leg regular show playco more like playno
I found this in Hastings. And just look at the price.

That’s exactly what I thought of when I saw this in the store. It just blew my mind that a broken toy would sit on the shelf keeping its original price. On top of that, I guess you are getting what you pay for when you buy a $12 figurine. But to me, the point of the episode was that you should get a decent figurine for a decent price, and Playco just wasn’t doing that. I wonder now how much involvement with this, J. G. Quintel actually has. I can imagine that it’s very little really.

What do you think? Could something have been done to correct this situation? Your thoughts below.