Apple vs. FBI and the Future Solution

laptop security lock screen
It's like asking the safe makers to pick their own locks.

If you haven’t heard yet,  Apple is embroiled in a showdown with the FBI over “unlocking” an iPhone.  The case centers around the San Bernardino shooter, Syed Farook, and the work phone that is protected by a pass-code. The model of phone along with the iOS allows for a setting where if the phone has a failed pass-code too many times, the data is wiped. The FBI wants into the phone and they want Apple to do the work for them.

laptop security lock screen
It’s like asking the safe makers to pick their own locks.

If you have one of these devices, would you want someone from a foreign government being capable of spying on you? If the method to get in, got out to the public it would be a security nightmare. Apple would be beholden to its customers to remedy the issue, or face fraud charges. It’s easily imaginable that most would not want that scenario. At the same time though one doesn’t want a situation like this to occur, one where the data is needed due to mass murder.

Does it pose a risk though to have layers of access? Can a phone be made to where there are sub accounts to the owner’s? Such as the departmental work phones, where the department has a master passcode they can use to access the entire phone, without the sub-account’s permission. Is this not possible to do? I’ve already been asked how it would be taken care of if because of that feature, people would just erase the data before doing the deed. I can say that it’s no different if the feature wasn’t there. The person could always just erase the data. In fact it would be in their interest, regardless of the features purpose, to do so.