A Look Back

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The all time stats for this webpage as of today.

I was asked to look back at my blog using WordPress recently and answer the following questions:

    • Which tools were effective?
      • The use of hashtags appropriately is probably the best tool to get your posts recognized.
    • Which tools weren’t?
      • Facebook, because of the new algorithm wanting videos
    • What would you want to improve or include within the blog?
      • The ability to not have to use my own original photos on every post. Not every topic can support this concept, unless my entire catalog of photos I’ve ever taken are allowed.
    • In what ways could the experience benefit you in the future?
      • I now know how to market myself better using the internet, especially if I have to money to spend on the pay to play system.


    • Discuss how you might implement these tools professionally in the future, in a job or an entrepreneurial endeavor.
      • I know that if I was running a newspaper, I would have to charge my customers until I  could get a large enough customer base to warrant trying to pay for everything on adsense styled advertising alone. I do think people need to understand that a business owner that is used to doing things the 20th century way will have the hardest time trying to transition their own endeavor over to this system. They have to realize that the transition isn’t really as difficult as they think.
    • Which was your most popular week, and how many views and visitors did you get that week?
      • The Week of April 24th, 2016 was my best week, having 55 views in just one day and 65 for that week.
    • Which was your most popular post of the year? How many views did it get? Why do you think it was the most popular?
      • The post about Ray Williams Johnson has been the best post so far. That post got 13 views and I believe it was most popular because of how big of a figure Ray is online.


  • In all of the Site Stats data, was anything surprising to you?
    • Not really, the pages that I put polls on for students to take and sent out in mass emails did the best. When people are given direct contact and asked to do something, it will work better than them stumbling across it or finding it via hashtags.
  • Do you have any Twitter, Facebook or other social media stats you want to share?
    • Nothing else that I would like to add to the discussion at this point.

      stats picture gunsgermsandgames
      The all time stats for this webpage as of today.
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