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A Look Back

May 8, 2016 0

I was asked to look back at my blog using WordPress recently and answer the following questions: Which tools were effective? The use of hashtags appropriately is probably the best tool to get your posts recognized. […]

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Trump and Hillary

May 7, 2016 0

Trump isn’t really the best in my opinion.  But my opinion shouldn’t weigh that heavily on how you, or anyone else for that matter, votes. All I ask is that people go back and re-listen […]

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Hogan vs Gawker pt. 3

April 16, 2016 0

Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. In a recent article titled Gawker challenges Florida jury verdict in Hulk Hogan case,  Reuters reported that  online outlet Gawker “ filed motions on Monday seeking a […]

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Hogan vs Gawker pt 2

April 13, 2016 0

Read Pt.1 Here      Looking further into the Hogan case of sex tape privacy, an article was found where the jury was asked about their decision and how they came to it. ABC News had […]

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Hogan vs. Gawker pt. 1

April 11, 2016 0

Hulk Hogan was recently awarded $115 million in damages in case the former WWF/WCW wrestler had against Gawker for invasion of privacy. The case surrounds a recording of Hulk Hogan having sex with Heather Clem, […]

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Inspiration: Ray William Johnson

March 19, 2016 0

Today I sit down and write about somebody I consider to be an inspiration. I am here to write about a person that inspires me to do what I do. That person would be Ray William […]

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Galaxy S7 and Gear VR Impacts

March 17, 2016 0

You’ve heard about it, as it’s almost unavoidable unless you literally live under a rock. It’s the Galaxy S7 and it’s almost guaranteed to make an impact on the visual media landscape. The Gear VR […]

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Apple vs. FBI and the Future Solution

March 1, 2016 0

If you haven’t heard yet,  Apple is embroiled in a showdown with the FBI over “unlocking” an iPhone.  The case centers around the San Bernardino shooter, Syed Farook, and the work phone that is protected […]

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